23 April 2012 10:04 AM

Women in Engineering - we made a documentary!

And we're very proud of it. We even got to go to the House of Lords for International Womens' Day because of it - how cool are we?

We were pretty horrified to discover that just 7% of engineers in the UK are women, so we decided to do something about this (we're practical like that). We made a film that showcases influential women in the world of engineering, telling us why they love their jobs and why engineering is a great industry to work in, regardless of gender.

We made two edits of the film - the first is aimed at schoolkids so it's a bit more general - and here they are:



We're so chuffed with these - we'd love you to reblog/retweet/tumblr/facebook them, etc - especially if you're a) a woman, b) a nerd and c) think that the next generation of girls and women need to know just how awesome it is to work in science and engineering.

30 March 2010 04:12 PM

The Cutting Room Floor...

Well. We're nearly there. Several hundred new career advice videos are being uploaded to the mothership as we speak and we're pretty damn excited. The gutting thing is, we have enormous amounts of footage that didn't quite make the edits. Sometimes it's not quite on topic, sometimes we're just trying to keep the legth of the videos down and something has to give. But what to do with it all? We very nearly set-up a stock video library but frankly that's a bit too much of a distraction at the moment. So we thought we'd scoop-up the finest off-cuts and post them here for your viewing pleasure. So here we go...

This is a great clip from Benedict Allen the famous British Exporer and Filmaker. He kindly agreed to take part as a contributor for our video offering graduate careers advice on staying motivated during the job hunt. I mean, who better to give tips on perseverance and keeping the spirits-up than one of our most extreme adventurers. One of the first questions we asked was about the toughest situations he's been in. We got some great stuff for the final edit (which is coming soon)...this clip didn't quite make it but is a captivating, if slightly distresing, story...

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