What is careerplayer.com?
Careerplayer.com is a new website dedicated to helping graduates and job seekers discover, break into and excel in their careers.

Why so much video?
The career video library is at the heart of our site. We think that in order to get a proper feel for a career or industry you need to see inside working environments, see what the people are like and to get the inside scoop directly from them. Pages of job descriptions just don’t give you this texture and they certainly don’t make the career search very engaging or interactive.

I can’t access some areas of the site?
In order to benefit from the full functionality of CareerPlayer.com you need to register your profile. Registration is FREE and it activates the suggestion engines, psychometrics zone and also enables you to receive personalised job, event and employer information.

How do I register?
Registering your profile easy. Simply click here or on the register button at the top of the home page, fill in your details and you’re done.

I haven't received confirmation that my account has been activated?
Careerplayer.com account activation happens automatically. On completing your registration you will be taken to your CareerPlayer profile and a log-in/password reminder will automatically be sent by Email. If this Email doesn't reach your inbox virtually instantly, you'll probably find it in your Bulk/Junk Email folder. If you still haven't received it after a few hours log into your account to double check we have your correct details or feel free to contact us

I'm having trouble logging in. What could be going wrong?
To log into careerplayer.com, please make sure that:
•    You have activated your account.
•    You enter your username and password using the same case you registered with as
      these are case-sensitive. If you have forgotten your password, you can get a reminder
•    You have cookies enabled in your web browser.

If you are still having trouble, please contact us.

I have lost my password and cannot login
Just enter your email address in the 'forgotten your password' box on the login page and we'll send you a new password by e-mail. If you are still having problems, please contact us.

Can you tell me what career to go into?
Alas not. We would love to but ultimately you need to decide upon your own career based on a deep understanding of yourself, your desires and ambitions. What we can do is give you all the information you need to make that choice, help you better understand your values, sharpen your application skills and connect you with employers.

I’d like to share my career stories, can I feature in one of your films?
Brilliant and yes you can. We spend most of the year filming to ensure our library is exhaustive and up to date. To offer your perspective on a career we haven’t covered, drop us an email info@careerplayer.com and one of our producers will contact you to chat things through.

I’ve got more questions.
Please contact us and we'll be happy to help you out.

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