About Us

CareerPlayer.com is a multi award winning website designed to make choosing and breaking into graduate jobs easier.

Whilst there are loads of sites where graduates can go to find jobs, there are very few geared towards helping them choose and explore careers. That's where we come in. We're producing an online destination for graduates to turn to before they hit the job boards. A place where kids, students and job seekers can get a proper feel for different industries and seek advice on how to break into them.

It's about career discovery and we're bringing it to life. The driving force of CareerPlayer is an interactive video library, with a bespoke player that lets users quiz employees about their roles. This is supported by a host of unique features all designed to make us the first port of call for career exploration.

CareerPlayer launched in 2009 and was the most awarded graduate website that year. We have the largest independent career video library, a unique content network and the only psychometric tests that actually match you to real people. We can’t wait to release our next innovations in 2014 and continue to help all of our users in their search for the perfect career.

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