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I've always wondered to what extent you can follow advice like this. It's obviously the goal for most job seekers to find something they love but will everything else always take care of itself? The impoverished musician who never makes it springs to mind. They may be doing what they love but is it delivering them the kind of life they love? And is there a risk of your favourite past time being ruined when it becomes your job?

Perhaps Terry Jones, a career advisor at Kings College (part of The Careers Group), has a point when he describes choosing a career as a pragmatic decision. Trying to find something that meets more of your goals than it fails to meet. This particularly struck us whilst speaking to hundreds of professionals about their careers, as it became clear that most jobs have a downside. There always seemed to be a flip side to the best bits of a job whether that be 5am starts, lots of travel away from home, low pay, huge stress or anything else. So whilst doing what you love is the goal, it's worth checking that the day to day reality is something you can cope with.

What do you think? Is that pragmatic or just a bit negative? If you really pursue something you love will you be so naturally passionate and driven that everything else will just slot into place?