Human Resources Analyst - Peter O'Rourke

Tags: HR, Personnel
  • 01. Who are you and what do you do?
  • 02. What is Human Resources?
  • 03. What attracted you to this career?
  • 04. What does your job involve?
  • 05. What different rotations are there?
  • 06. What do you do on a typical day?
  • 07. Describe the process of your work?
  • 08. What are the best bits about your job?
  • 09. What are the worst bits about your job?
  • 10. What has been your greatest achievement?
  • 11. Any regrets?
  • 12. What is the pay like and are there any perks?
  • 13. How long is a working day and do you have to work out of hours?
  • 14. Is there much in the way of travel?
  • 15. Do you have to be based anywhere in particular?
  • 16. What is the working environment like?
  • 17. How did you get into your job?
  • 18. What's the application process like?
  • 19. What are the key skills required for your job?
  • 20. What's your top tip for breaking into your industry?
  • 21. What's the career progress and how quickly can you move up the career ladder?
  • 22. How does the role change over time?
  • 23. Where do you see the industry going?
  • 24. Is there scope for movement during or after this career?
  • 25. What are the industry resources that someone interested in joining must know about?
  • 26. If you weren't in this career, what would you be doing?
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