Traditional Advice from Parents Out Of Whack With Reality

23 June 2014

A recent survey by O2 of 2,000 parents has highlighted the widening gulf between parents careers advice and the reality of the graduate jobs market.

Of those surveyed, 1 in 10 explained that they would actively discourage children to consider digital careers. This compares with nearly 40% who would advise a career in Law or Medicine. 

This is a huge concern for UK plc as well as students seeking fulfilling emplopyment. Technology companies have more jobs available then there are are skilled students to fill them. A trend that is set to continue far into the future with the Higher Education Statistics Association estimating that 750,000 digitally skilled workers will be required by 2017.

Contrast that with 23% of the survey respondents who felt skills such as programming and web design were "irrelevant" and you have the potential for a horribly missed opportunity.

Thankfully, plans are in place to help bridge this perception gap. Changes to the curriculum put in place by the coalition come into effect later this year, which will include teaching children to code as well as inspiring them with new technologies such as 3D printing and robotics.

We're especially excited by the changes taking place as our Careers in IT and Technology film is also likely to be included as part of the curriculum.

Hugh Milward, director of corporate affairs at Microsoft (one of the companies featured in our film), said he "welcomed" the addition of the computing curriculum as it was "absolutely critical" for the success of Britain's young people. Hear Hear.

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