Graduates Applying For Jobs Earlier Than Ever

29 April 2014

A recent poll of 18,000 students has revealed the extent to which students are considering and applying for careers earlier than ever. 

High Fliers research found that 43% of students had made their applications by October the year before graduation compare to 31% five years ago.

Interestingly, for those who started their job hunt early, 25% had begun the process the year they arrived at University with a further fifth before they even started their course.

Dom Anderson, the NUS vide-president, explains that "Competition for jobs is now incredibly high, which is why many students are applying for jobs earlier.

"There needs to be a greater investment in careers guidance right from school through to leaving, to ensure that students are able to make informed, meaningful decisions about their career choices."

With graduate employers increasingly offering opportunities to first and second year students, the importance of students receiving good careers advice from the start of their university experience is more important than ever.

Many of the most sought after graduate schemes are filled entirely from internship programmes completed during the 1st and 2nd years of Univeristy. Students need to be aware of this or they could miss the boat. 

Neil Carberry, from the CBI, said: "In a highly competitive jobs market, young people thinking earlier about what route to take after leaving education should be encouraged.

"Effective careers guidance is vitally important"


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