New Film Reveals A Wealth Of Opportunities In Finance

24 May 2013

Brand New Mini-Documentary For Schoolchildren Aims To Raise Aspirations

Alan Milburn’s 2009 report ‘Social Mobility and the Professions’ found that over 70% of finance directors in the UK were privately educated, despite just 7% of UK kids attending private schools. This can lead to a lack of visible role models for young people who have other backgrounds, and it's the kind of thing that the financial sector is keen to address in order to reflect the needs of a modern, diverse society. 

That’s why CareerPlayer’s latest mini-documentary, Access to Finance, aims to show talented young people from diverse backgrounds that there’s a place for them in the financial sector.
We enlisted the talents of staff at HSBC, the Chartered Insurance Institute, the ACCA and the Financial Skills Partnership, who were all very happy to be interviewed and help spread the word among employers, schools, pupils and careers advisors.

Rob Wescott, Managing Director of CareerPlayer, commented: "Social mobility is something that we've been really keen to address at CareerPlayer, and so we really want to get the film into as many schools and colleges as we can, so that we can inspire smart kids from all backgrounds to aim for a career in finance."

We’d love your help to make sure the film gets to the kids and teenagers who need to see it most - the ones who need that extra bit of career inspiration. So, please share the film on Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else you can think of, and get the message out there that finance is an accessible career for anyone who's interested in it.

You can watch the film here, and it's also available in chapters for embedding into your website for free - get in touch to find out more.

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