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    • SThree Employer Q&A

    • SThree, founded in 1986, is one of the leading specialist staffing businesses in the UK. SThree provides both permanent and contract specialist staffing services in the UK, rest of Europe, America, Australia, Dubai and Hong Kong. Primarily in the ICT sector but with an increasing presence in the banking and finance, accountancy, human resources and engineering sectors.

      We believe that offering an uncompromisingly high level of service to clients and jobseekers alike is the only way to ensure our success and help us achieve our ambitious plans for further international expansion.

    • Graduate Training Information

    • For fast, effective and personalised training that is unrivalled throughout the recruitment industry, there is no better company to begin your recruitment career with than SThree.

      What we do...

      The initial induction program for Trainee consultants is a five-day course, covering company information, relationship building, systems training in a range of areas from advanced sales techniques through to coaching and development skills. From then on, a large part of the training teams role is one on one training on the sales floor itself. SThree employees gain ongoing training from day one in the company. In addition to set courses there is also a range of modules available to employees to complete on their own accord. The main thrust of the Training division is to provide employees with the key sales skills and knowledge required to maximise client and candidate satisfaction. In addition to this the SThree group is committed to the ongoing personal development of all their staff, including management development.

      Development of your skills

      Company training specifically focuses on building professional relationships, sales skills, systems training, coaching and development and effective management skills, as well as specific interpersonal skills including client meeting training and staff coaching skills. To ensure that individual talents are exploited, training sessions are structured, allowing individuals to shine whilst focusing on the core technical skills and required knowledge. Prior to every session, objectives have to be agreed with the employees’ manager to ensure that all staff reach their potential.

      SThree has its own training centre based in central London (for UK staff) and Amsterdam (rest of Europe) Each centre has dedicated systems training room as well as facilities for classroom style teaching. Often on site trainers also have regional rooms for training and coaching.

      Career development

      Progress is monitored through monthly development review meetings with their manager, and also in a detailed annual appraisal. Training itself is continuous and can vary from one hour to a full day in the office or courses from 1 to 9 days back at the training centre. Career progression within the company can vary, typically employees develop from trainees into consultants, then senior and principal consultants, to team leader, then regional manager. However there may be opportunities for Business Development, Internal Recruitment or Training, it depends on how you see your career progressing.

    • Graduate Profile - Elizabeth

    • Name: Elizabeth Bray
      Age: 24
      University attended: Leeds University, Italian & Spanish 2:1

      Started with SThree just over 12 months ago after graduting

      Where I was

      I spent the whole of my final year at university pondering on what to do next. Whilst the option of travelling the world and perfecting my languages seemed like a glamorous and easy option, the prospect of earning more money than I ever imagined and starting to pay back my debts quickly seemed the sensible choice. The opportunity offered by SThree was too good to miss. I did not let the fact that I had no sales experience put me off. The company stood out from the other graduate jobs I had been offered as a place where I could really make my mark and more importantly, make some good hard cash.

      Where I am now

      Having been in the company just over 12 months, I am amazed by my progress and success. The joy of this company is that you control your own earnings; whilst it takes a lot of hard work and a lot of listening to the advice and encouragement of those around you (from fellow consultants to Directors), the sky really is the limit. I can honestly say that whilst the role has been challenging at times, I can not think of any other company where I could have achieved so much. The rewards for hard work are unrivalled. I hit my first car target within 6 months of joining, I have tripled my income over the last 2 months, having reached a position where I am now earning £100k pro rata, and I have just qualified for a trip to Barbados. Not bad for 12 months experience.

      What I had to do to get there

      There is no doubt that you need to be resilient to be successful in this job. Long hours and hard work are definitely tough after the glory days of university, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I work with an amazing and diverse bunch of people, and the training and support continuously on offer has meant that I have been able to progress at such a rapid rate. The attitude here is very much ‘work hard play hard’, and whilst the hours are a bit of a shock to the system at first, my weekends have remained firmly free to enjoy having money for the first time ever!

      I am looking forward to reaping the rewards of the next stage of my development here at SThree, both in terms of career progression and financial gain. Though in order to compete with my first 12 months here it’s going to have to be pretty special!

    • Graduate Profile - Andy

    • Name: Andy Almond
      Age: 26
      University attended: Portsmouth University (Geography)

      Started with SThree 4 years ago in 2001,  he is currently completing management training.

      Where I was

      I attended a career workshop during my 3rd year at University, when it slowly dawned on me that a Geography related job wasn’t going to be my thing. (I couldn’t imagine myself with a beard, wearing corduroys and driving a sensible diesel car.)

      I had always fancied some sort of sales and marketing job after my success in my part time role, demonstrating and selling power tools in a well known DIY store. So I applied to SThree and a number of testing interviews later, I was offered the opportunity to prove my ability as a resourcer.

      Where I am now

      On joining, I learned the skills needed for the role from the best people in our company, and after demonstrating my own ability, I was quickly promoted to a Recruitment Consultant where I was responsible for generating business and placing my own candidates. I am currently a Principal Consultant for our Manchester Office, having direct day to day mentoring responsibility for my own team of new high flyers.

      The best thing about SThree is the fact that they have listened to my ideas to develop both my role and me, the company actively encourages entrepreneurial flare. I presented a business case to my directors about specialising in a new sector and with a lot of planning, enthusiasm and determination it was agreed, and off I went! In the second year of building my business, I achieved a turnover in excess of £2 million.

      I had only been abroad once before joining SThree, now I have souvenirs from Marbella, Prague, Barcelona, Paris, Rome and Amsterdam after hitting my targets and attending the team incentive trips. I have also received over £4,000 in additional monthly cash incentives for being ‘Employee of the month’ and having a ‘Killer month’ (exceeding my targets). In addition to all this I have hit my 3rd car target and now drive a brand new BMW 330ci company car. The perks of SThree are endless for those who are hungry enough to take full advantage of them.

      What I had to do to get there

      Being an organically grown company, everybody understood my position when I started and subsequently gave me a lot of support. In my first 6 months in the office, I spent a lot of time listening to the people around me and learning everything about the recruitment cycle and the intricacies of selling tailored solutions to our clients. The formula to recruitment is pretty similar across most businesses, so I would say my success came from learning from my colleagues and applying what I learnt onto my own sales calls. I am a very structured person and have always structured my days very rigidly and this has helped me work to smart targets. I think the key to being a successful consultant in SThree is not to necessarily working long hours, but to apply a structured plan and work methodically through it, with the right level of urgency, motivation and resilience.


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