23 April 2012 10:04 AM

Women in Engineering - we made a documentary!

And we're very proud of it. We even got to go to the House of Lords for International Womens' Day because of it - how cool are we?

We were pretty horrified to discover that just 7% of engineers in the UK are women, so we decided to do something about this (we're practical like that). We made a film that showcases influential women in the world of engineering, telling us why they love their jobs and why engineering is a great industry to work in, regardless of gender.

We made two edits of the film - the first is aimed at schoolkids so it's a bit more general - and here they are:



We're so chuffed with these - we'd love you to reblog/retweet/tumblr/facebook them, etc - especially if you're a) a woman, b) a nerd and c) think that the next generation of girls and women need to know just how awesome it is to work in science and engineering.

18 April 2012 05:24 PM

It's a boy!

Just in time to redress the gender balance in the office after last week's events, Tom joined the team at CareerPlayer on Monday and has already been forced to do the tea and coffee round twice - best to get him used to it early, we say. It's kinder in the long run! He's going to be bringing his expert sales technique to CareerPlayer Towers, so, without further ado, here's Tom, ladies and gents!:

"The CareerPlayer family have welcomed me as their younger brother. I graduated from Bournemouth Uni last year in Leisure Marketing and moved west to quench my thirst for cider. When I’m not working you will either find me producing music, playing darts with my recently established darts team 'Chairmen Of The Board' or planning a music festival. I will be teaming up with Adam to make sure the sales go through the roof and the great testimonials keep rolling in! Lights, camera and action!" 

Tom enjoys blending in with the local culture whilst travelling abroad, as can be seen below: 

12 April 2012 03:46 PM

Yes, it's official...

...Careerplayer has hired its first ever woman. What on earth would Don Draper make of that?

Isabel is going to be handling all the marketing for the team, as well as correcting everyone's spelling (she's recently jumped ship from the world of print publishing, lured by the glamour of CP towers). As a recent(ish) graduate, she's the baby of the team, and hopes she can use her own knowledge of the perils of the grad job market to help the next generation of uni leavers.

When she's not working, Isabel and her lovely music therapist buddy run a charity music group in a residential home for the elderly. They sing, play music and generally have a great laugh (and lots of tea and cake). 

Isabel brings a wide range of transferable skills to the team, including an appreciation for cask-strength Islay single malt whisky, an excessive fondness for the word 'aesthetics', and a penchant for talking about herself in the third person.

Look out for her at your next uni careers fair - she's the chatty redhead, so come and say hello! 

Then (check out that early 90s outfit!)...   

...and now (yes, every day is 1940s gangster day at CP towers)

12 April 2012 02:26 PM

Guest Post: Relevant Work Experience Valued by Graduates over Part-Time Jobs

As competition amongst young people for graduate jobs remains fierce, placement work schemes and placements that offer relevant work experience are becoming more highly prized over part-time jobs that may pay better but are less relevant to the graduate’s desired career path.

During their university years, students have often been advised to take almost any form of part-time work between term time. This not only helps ease the financial burden of student life but also stands students in good stead for the process of job applications later on.

However, the advice now being given to students is to be more discerning in what they take on between terms and even before arriving at university in order to secure the best chances of getting a position in the industry of their choice. Building up a portfolio of work experience that is relevant to their chosen industry can be far more valuable than simply picking the first thing that’s offered on a campus jobs board.

This is not to say that student won’t gain valuable skills and experience working part-time in the services industry or other fields of a more temporary nature. However, graduate careers advisors have warned that this type of work experience by itself may not be enough to secure them their preferred job after graduation.

Instead, university based programmes which offer built-in work placement schemes and internships have become an increasingly appealing prospect and have been espoused by both careers advisors and business CEOs as the ideal means to get graduates onto their chosen career path. Degrees with an additional year of work placement after three years of academic study are being offered by an increasing variety of business schools and universities as relevant work experience rises on the priority list of prospective employers, especially those offering IT jobs in London.

After reviewing the process of collaboration universities and businesses, Sir Tim Wilson fully endorsed work placements and internship schemes that allowed students to amass vital work experience before entering the often tough proving grounds of finding their first position after graduating. His research suggested that students became eminently more employable after completing such schemes.

He said: "I think we're beginning to see internships being used as part of an extended interview process. The evidence that a placement year improves employability opportunities is strong while a lack of work experience appears as a key barrier."

A report from the Office for National Statistics has shown that the graduate population has rocketed in the last 10 years by more than 430,000. Clearly this makes for much stiffer competition for the most attractive positions as they complete their studies, in all industries from accountancy to IT jobs UK wide. With the prospect of a solid year of relevant work experience behind them, graduates stand a much better chance of standing out against the much expanded crowd.

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