You want a job in Advertising. Excellent choice.

You want to meet companies on campus to discuss your options. Ah.

Lots of Industries are really well represented on campus. Like banking, law and consulting. But if you're interested in the creative industries you're in trouble.

The Oxford Advertising Society got started for this very reason, as its president explains: if you want a career which doesn't involve wearing a suit then you're going to struggle to find information on campus.

A big hurdle for students is that it's actually very hard to establish which companies exist that can offer them a job. Few are household names, in fact most of them don't have names but funny acronyms. And if they're not on campus it's pretty much impossible to establish where to apply.

To help you all out, here's a starting list. Lots of Ad agencies who recruit grads, information resources for the industry and some marketing and advertising specific job boards. Aren't we lovely!

Happy hunting... 

P.S. To research your options don't forget our graduate jobs in advertising section.