18 May 2010 11:41 AM

Office Romance - a perk of work or your worst nightmare!

As the saying goes, you spend half your life at work so you better be doing something you like. But with working hours getting longer and longer employees are increasingly eyeing each other up for a boost to their job satisfaction!

So, can it ever work...the office romance. Or is it just a gamble. A risk not worth taking. A fast track to your P45? We couldn't decide so we packed the camera and put it to a public vote...


UPDATE: Good spot from @GarethGeorge - look out for the new Dr Who half way through...

02 May 2010 12:00 PM

Graduate Employers Reveal Their No.1 Application Tip...

When speaking to employers, we're always interested to hear their thoughts on what makes some graduates stand out and others fall by the wayside. And it's uncanny how many say the same things.

What's reassuring is it's rarely related to some skill or attribute that's unachievable for all but the very best. It's almost always something basic. Very very basic. So much so that it can feel slightly too obvious to point out, even a bit patronising. But the fact is, it's the simple things (like making sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors on application forms), that crop-up over and over again and distinguish those most likely to progress and those that struggle.

From the employers we spoke to, the below clip highlights one of the most fundemental pieces of graduate careers advice you can't do enough of if you want to compete for the best graduate jobs... 

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