29 September 2009 07:19 PM

Bankers vs Consultants

For those of you struggling to decide which career path would be best...!!


Want a slightly more sensible look at the two industries? Watch our industry overview videos for:

Graduate Jobs in Banking and Investment

Graduate Jobs in Consulting

21 September 2009 09:02 AM

10 Top Tips for Graduates: Finding a Job in a Recession

As a recent graduate you may find searching for a job a struggle in the current economic climate. There are still jobs out there but they are harder to get because more people will be going for them. You will need to think about your job-hunting strategy a little more. Here are our top ten tips for recession survival.
Review your CV 

As the job market gets tougher, it's even more important to pay attention to the fundamentals. Companies will not bother with CVs that display typos and grammatical errors.  Think about the overall layout and emphasise relevant and interesting achievements.
Utilise several job search options
Take advantage of all career fairs and campus visits by employers. Use job boards and Prospects. Recruiters also work with Facebook and Twitter. On LinkedIn you can find the company you're interested in, look up the manager and email them to discuss an internship.
Use your university careers service 

Make sure you make the most of your university’s career service. You can access online resources, vacancy services and talk to an advisor to arrange work experience and review your longer term options. Usually you can use careers services up to two years after you graduate.
Have a Plan B
Be flexible about what you’re prepared to do. Don't be afraid to take a lower level job to get some experience. Also, consider brushing up on your languages. Many employers need graduates who can operate globally. Increasing the sectors and geographical area you are willing to work in will increase the opportunities available to you.
Consider paid or unpaid work experience
Get work experience, voluntary work, or any job that can build on your skills or give you the opportunity to shine. Temping could lead to a permanent job or you could negotiate a three month trial period with the company you want to work for. If you don’t take any action then you may struggle to find a job.
Use your contacts and network
When employers do hire in a recession, they tend to ask their employees for referrals to fill a job as it's cheaper than advertising. Make the most of your informal and formal networks. You can also speak to recruiters at campus fairs and employer presentations.
Apply early
When you see a job advertised, respond as quickly as you can. Even if a company doesn't specify a closing date, make sure your application reaches them as soon as possible. If you apply speculatively to employers who aren't actively recruiting then do it at least three months before you want to start.
Further study
You are applying for jobs where hundreds of applicants have good degrees. If you can show that you have taken your study a step further it may benefit you. Do not automatically consider returning to university as your first alternative when the job search gets tough, unless you believe it will add to your employability.
Consider setting up your own business
If you have ambition and a good idea, it's worth a try soon after you graduate. There is a lot of free information available on starting a business. Banks have useful information packs and Business Link also provides practical advice. Maybe we’ll see you on Dragon’s Den soon!
Take a break and travel
Employers are generally positive about graduates taking time out to travel or work abroad, but only if the experience benefits and skills are gained. If you want to start a graduate job on your return, you need to investigate application deadlines before you go.
Guest blog post by Nikki founder of My CV and Me - CV Writing offering high quality graduate CVs, cover letters and interview coaching.

16 September 2009 11:15 AM

Graduate Jobs and Social Networking: Bridge building between Industry Professionals and Students

This is the first in a series of guest blogs by our über intern Natasha who has spent the summer with CareerPlayer

07.30 AM: Bran flakes, coffee and Facebook.

If anyone assesses my Facebook page they will establish that it is a place where my friends, family, past and present can connect to me at any time of the day. However, it's not only friends and family that we can establish constructive connections with via online networking. 

After five weeks at CareerPlayer I have realized that there are a myriad of tools that students can use to find graduate jobs. There is one tool in particular that I feel compelled to bring to your attention. Social networks! Social networks are excellent for facilitating the search for a graduate placement. “Identify what your goals are and surround yourself with the people you need to help you achieve them.” This is easier than ever before!

Twitter is my top recommendation for connecting with graduate employers. Twitter is a brilliant tool for you to broadcast what you want out of your graduate career. However, that alone is not enough. You must make sure that the right people are listening! By ‘following’ the leaders in your target industry you can grab the attention of your future employers. It is a fantastic opportunity for you to gain answers to your questions. In addition, you gain an invaluable insight into the finest minds in the business! You can find out what they watch, read and even eat! This increases the ease of understanding the people and the mechanics of the industry you intend to work in. Through maximizing your knowledge, you maximize the chances of you landing your dream graduate job! Twitter may also help prevent you making any fatal graduate career mistakes. Linking with potential employers and colleagues will enable you to paint a picture of the personality of a company. Don’t like what you see? Then you can immediately eliminate them as a target employer. Therefore, saving time in applying for a graduate position in a company you will loathe working for. 

LinkedIn is a network that is fantastic for connecting with business professionals. LinkedIn is similar to most social networks in the sense that you can exchange messages with industry experts. However, there is the additional opportunity to read their CV’s. This will help you better establish how people achieved their current positions.    

And of course we cannot forget our beloved Facebook! Loads of graduate employers are starting to create pages on Facebook so it's easier than ever before to interact with companies you're interested in...just be careful your profile reflects the kind of image you'd want then to see. You want catch their attention for the right reasons...

Graduate job hunting is certainly no walk in the park! Let the friends in your network know what you're looking for and allow them to support you online via posting valuable newspaper articles, videos and links. “I saw this and thought of you” could now enable you to nail your first graduate job!

For further information, keep your eyes peeled for the CareerPlayer video on social networking coming soon...

12 September 2009 03:52 PM

Graduate Job Deadlines for September

Slightly mixed bag of Graduate Job deadlines this month. If you're still in the market, below are some to look out for. And don't forget our big brother CareerPlayer for all the insights and advice you'll need to nail your application.

Graduate Jobs in IT

25.09.09 EMCOR IT Application Systems Support Analyst

29.09.09 Customer Systems Graduate IT Application Consultant

(send CV and covering letter to mrrecruit@customersystems.com)

General Graduate Training Schemes

15.09.09 Interconnector Graduate Trainee 

Graduate Jobs in Retail

14.09.09 Mothercare Graduate Merchandising Assistant

15.09.09 Arcadia Graduate Branch Merchandiser

26.0.09 Next Graduate Trainee Merchandisers

Graduate Jobs in Property

16.09.09 Urban Owners Graduate Trainee Property Manager

(send CV and covering letter to jobs@UrbanOwners.co.uk)

Graduate Jobs in Finance

20.09.09 NFU Mutual Graduate Trainee Fund Manager

20.09.09 City Index Graduate Programme

20.09.09 Welbeck Graduate Financial Advisor Trainee

(send CV and covering letter to Greg Knight recruitment@welbeckwealth.com)

Graduate Jobs in Marketing

25.09.09 Electrical Safety Council Graduate Communications executive

(Send CV and covering letter to feedback@esc.org.uk)

25.09.09 Meltwater Group Graduate Social Media Sales Consultant

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