26 August 2009 09:15 AM

What Interviewers Say Behind Your Back...

Ever wanted to know what happens behind the scenes of a graduate interview? Does it really matter what you wear? What about where you went to University? Is landing a graduate job as much of a lottery as it seems?

Take a look at the spoof video below - something tells me this may be depressingly accurate!!

24 August 2009 09:30 AM

Graduate Jobs and Diagonal Thinking...

We love psychometric tests. Not the rubbish ones you take at school which set you up for a career in fish hatchery management. And not the ridiculous ones you get in magazines. But proper, validated and relevant tests which really help act as a weather vein - narrowing down your career options and setting you off in the right direction.

We're currently finishing-up our own fully validated psychometrics zone on CareerPlayer, which will offer something completely new to the market. It's v. exciting and we can't wait to get it up and running.

In the meantime - here's a great concept for anyone interested in graduate jobs or careers in the creative industries. During our filming in these sectors one thing that became clear was that a really key skill was left brain / right brain thinking. And it turns out this isn't just a hypothesis - it has a proper name and it's called diagonal thinking.

Diagonal thinking is the ability of successful people in advertising and marketing communications to think outstandingly well in both linear/inductive and lateral/creative ways. In 2003 the IPA set out to establish whether the most successful people in the industry had this trait and after testing 5 discipline cohorts concluded that there was indeed a strong statistical link. To find our more about the research visit the IPA site.

So. What are the top brains in commercial creativity like? According to the IPA "They're innovative, can explain concepts in both rational and emotional terms, have a broad range of interests and a passion for execution. They can be highly logical, but link ideas hitherto seen as remote from each other; they want to do work that is creative, but also for it to have a practical impact." Is that you reader? Why not take the test and find out...

If you want to get a better feel for what the creative industries are like check out our films on:

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Or if you just want to know your perfect celeb hairstyle - here you go!

10 August 2009 09:35 AM

How Not to Interview!

Brilliant demonstration of how to ensure you don't get employed...

Get your interviewer's name wrong, wear the wrong clothes and bring-up money immediately. Done.

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