30 March 2010 04:12 PM

The Cutting Room Floor...

Well. We're nearly there. Several hundred new career advice videos are being uploaded to the mothership as we speak and we're pretty damn excited. The gutting thing is, we have enormous amounts of footage that didn't quite make the edits. Sometimes it's not quite on topic, sometimes we're just trying to keep the legth of the videos down and something has to give. But what to do with it all? We very nearly set-up a stock video library but frankly that's a bit too much of a distraction at the moment. So we thought we'd scoop-up the finest off-cuts and post them here for your viewing pleasure. So here we go...

This is a great clip from Benedict Allen the famous British Exporer and Filmaker. He kindly agreed to take part as a contributor for our video offering graduate careers advice on staying motivated during the job hunt. I mean, who better to give tips on perseverance and keeping the spirits-up than one of our most extreme adventurers. One of the first questions we asked was about the toughest situations he's been in. We got some great stuff for the final edit (which is coming soon)...this clip didn't quite make it but is a captivating, if slightly distresing, story...

12 February 2010 01:36 PM

Bag your Dream Career...

What do you do when you're feeling workshy and fancy a diversion from the to-do list?

Well, not so long ago we decided to shun a day in the office in favour of a morning coffee. This lead to a cheeky little brainstorm for video ideas, which lead to thinking about Valentine's day, which lead to coming-up with an idea, which lead to grabbing people from the street, dragging them into a room and filming this little promo!

Was great fun. We did the whole thing in a day and below is the result... 

05 February 2010 10:52 AM

Graduate Internship Awards

Our friends at RateMyPlacement have just held the inaugural National Placement and Internship Awards celebrating the best employer and student contributions to work experience.

Being a nosey bunch, we were thrilled to be asked along to film the proceedings and find out what they're all about.

Check out our promo film of the day below...

04 December 2009 10:16 AM

Carl Gilleard + CareerPlayer + Golf = Graduate Market Update Video!

There are 2 things you need to know about Carl Gilleard. The first is that he's head of the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) which makes him a walking oracle on the graduate market. The second is that he's an uber golf enthusiast. So to tempt him away from the office we invited him to indulge in both his passions...

The result is this video which is the first in a regular series of films offering a unique insight into how things look in the graduate market each quarter. In it Carl reveals his advice for graduates, his views on the key issues facing employers and his predictions for 2010.

But most importantly, remember readers...drive for show, putt for dough!

24 November 2009 06:49 PM

The Kit Kat Challenge...

It's amazing what happens when you're sat with a drink and 40 Kit Kats. Not so long ago we found ourselves in just that position with the excellent people from RateMyPlacement (RMP) and Nestle. And very quickly the Kit Kat Challenge was born. Think Jenga. But with Kit Kats. And a proper prize for winning rather than just the admiration of your mates.

Before long it went nationwide with students up and down the country fiercely competing for a place in the final. To see what it's all about and to get some top tips for the ultimate Kit Kat tower we headed to the Loughborough career fair...

Pretty awesome work by Nestle and RMP to bring it all together. Beats your average career fair stand and makes a welcome change from wandering around collecting pens for your stationary cabinet!
Keep your eyes peeled for the challenge coming to a campus near you. And don't forget our top tips for making the most of Career Fairs.

01 November 2009 05:00 PM

Graduate Jobs - Deadlines for November

Lots of application deadlines for graduate jobs this month as things hot-up towards the end of the year. Take a look below for a quick round-up of the hottest vacancies. And don't forget to checkout CareerPlayer for application tips, careers advice and insights into each of the sectors. Good luck!

Graduate Jobs in Finance
06.11.09 Watson Wyatt Financial Services Graduate Programme

06.11.09 Bank of America Banking and Investment Graduate Programme

08.11.09 Citi Banking and Investment Graduate Programme

08.11.09 J. P. Morgan Banking and Investment Graduate Programme

09.11.09 Hyman Robertson Financial Services Graduate Programme

12.11.09 Hewitt Graduate Finance Scheme

13.11.09 HSBC Banking and Investment Graduate Schemes

13.11.09 RBC Capital Markets Graduate Scheme

15.11.09 Barclays Capital Banking Graudate Schemes

15.11.09 Deutsche Bank Graduate Analyst Programme

16.11.09 Audit Commission Graduate Finance Scheme

Graduate Jobs in Management Consulting
06.11.09 The Boston Consulting Group Managment Consulting Graduate Programme

08.11.09 Monitor Group Managment Consulting Graduate Programme

11.11.09 Oliver Wyman Graduate Consultant

13.11.09 Diamond Graduate scheme

Graduate Jobs in IT
09.11.09 NYSE Graduate Scheme

(Send CV and Cover letter to nysetechnologies@gtisolutions.co.uk)

Graduate Jobs in Law
09.11.09 FSA Legal Trainee Scheme

Graduate Jobs in Marketing
09.11.09 Halfords Marketing graduate scheme

17.11.09 WPP Marketing Fellowship

27 October 2009 08:45 AM

Donate Yourself To Charity...

Want to work in the Third Sector?

Need some hands on Work Experience?

Feel Passionately about a cause?

Then the World of Difference scheme from the Vodafone Foundation is definitely worth a look. They're offering 500 paid placements for people to work at a charity of their choice. It's a great way to help benefit others with your knowledge and time but also a fantastic opportunity to help develop real world skills that could boost the CV and help in your job hunt. Especially if you're interested in the Third Sector - bring on the networking.

To apply you need to complete an online application form at vodafone.co.uk/worldofdifference by the 3rd of November 2009. Successful applicants also get a new mobile phone with pre-paid credit which is a pretty handy bonus.

For more information visit the World of Difference website.

Check out their Charity Match tool.

Or take a look at the lucky winners below who scooped the 12 Month International placements.

26 October 2009 09:56 AM

Graduate Jobs and Schemes in Advertising


If you're looking to break into advertising the chaps at AdGrads have done a sterling job pulling all of the agencies accepting applications into a simple list.

Check out their blog and good luck with the applications! Remember, advertising applications are pretty different to your bog standard competency based form. Try and be original and interesting. Agencies want people with spark - if you're too earnest you're probably going to be sidelined for someone who looks more interesting. Try and corner your mates for a brain storm about different ways to approach things. After all that's how most agencies start with a client brief.

For more information on advertising check out our vids:

Advertising Overview

Key Skills for Advertising

Top Tips for Advertising

01 October 2009 06:07 PM

Renault F1 Technical Lead Pat Symonds Talks to CareerPlayer

We're never quite sure what to do with the amazing graduate career videos we shoot which become rather abruptly historic! Last year Lehman's dissapeared after we filmed with them and this year Renault F1 has gone through quite an upheaval shortly after we filmed Pat Symonds. I hope there's not a trend here...

Given all of the content is still relevant (and probably more entertaining in retrospect), we've decided that the blog is the natural home for our cutting room floor. So here' a short exerpt from Pat Symonds the 'ex' technical lead of Renaul F1 who gave us some insights into graduate jobs in engineering and motorsport.

29 September 2009 07:19 PM

Bankers vs Consultants

For those of you struggling to decide which career path would be best...!!


Want a slightly more sensible look at the two industries? Watch our industry overview videos for:

Graduate Jobs in Banking and Investment

Graduate Jobs in Consulting

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