24 February 2009 02:09 PM

An oldie but a goody...

If only there were some recruitment campaigns like this. I bet if Exchange and Mart were on the hunt for sales graduates and ran an ad like the sketch below with a cleverly spun tagline, they could fill their positions with brilliant candidates in no time. Everyone loves a bit of self depreciation and mocking, especially our Gen Y friends who can sniff corporate BS from a mile off. And what a contrast it would make to all the seriousness in the recruitment market.

17 February 2009 10:00 AM

Business Advice No 3

Email. Handle with care! from careerplayer.com on Vimeo.

The Kamikaze email...who hasn't done one?

We've had some shockers in our time...most recently sending a prospective Client a Valentines love note most definitely meant for someone else. Still it certainly broke the ice and rather luckily paved the way for a brilliant meeting. I think we're onto something!

If you find yourself in a heart stopping, IT begging, delete frenzy...you might find this little guide from videojug handy.

Communication Skills:What To Do If You Send A Kamikaze Email


10 February 2009 01:26 PM

Business Advice No 2

Do What You Love from careerplayer.com on Vimeo.



I've always wondered to what extent you can follow advice like this. It's obviously the goal for most job seekers to find something they love but will everything else always take care of itself? The impoverished musician who never makes it springs to mind. They may be doing what they love but is it delivering them the kind of life they love? And is there a risk of your favourite past time being ruined when it becomes your job?

Perhaps Terry Jones, a career advisor at Kings College (part of The Careers Group), has a point when he describes choosing a career as a pragmatic decision. Trying to find something that meets more of your goals than it fails to meet. This particularly struck us whilst speaking to hundreds of professionals about their careers, as it became clear that most jobs have a downside. There always seemed to be a flip side to the best bits of a job whether that be 5am starts, lots of travel away from home, low pay, huge stress or anything else. So whilst doing what you love is the goal, it's worth checking that the day to day reality is something you can cope with.

What do you think? Is that pragmatic or just a bit negative? If you really pursue something you love will you be so naturally passionate and driven that everything else will just slot into place?

14 January 2009 12:21 PM

Progress Report

New Year. New Resolutions and new habits. The first of which is to be a bit more consistent on the blogging front. We've been rampantly busy preparing for the launch of careerplayer.com which has slightly distracted us. But we're back!

So what have we been up to? Well, we've edited, optimised and uploaded over 2,500 graduate career video clips for a start. So if anyone needs advice on the best formats, codecs and Kbps for web streaming, we're your geeks. We met the Edge foundation to talk about bringing careers to life and why there are so few decent career discovery tools around. And we've made some pretty big leaps forward with our video platform. All in all, I reckon we've moved from Neanderthal man to spear man in the evolution stakes. Progress indeed!

07 November 2008 02:19 PM

Business Advice

Following on from the last post i thought i'd have a quick peek through our video library to see what other business tips i could find. Managed to dig out quite a few which is handy as i'd be rather worried for our success if we didn't have any!

They're pretty short but i'll post a few of them to see if any strike a chord. Here's the first little nugget from Tanya Livesely, MD of The Talent Business...

No running allowed! from careerplayer.com on Vimeo.

I wonder how many of us could stick to that? Anyway must dash stroll off in an orderly and statesmanlike fashion.

03 November 2008 09:25 PM

Am i the idiot?

During all of our filming we’ve been extremely fortunate to capture some great business wisdom from a huge cross section of people. One of my favourite bits of advice came from David Melville, who was the skipper of BP Ocean Racing, a round the world yacht team.

Being cooped-up in a wet and cold boat for 12 months can result in some tricky team dynamics and David had some simple advice. He observed that in most teams there was normally an idiot, or someone who would get on everyone’s nerves.  His advice is that everyday you ask yourself “am I the idiot?” That way you'll make a better team player.

Ring any bells? I can certainly picture some over eager assessment centre candidates who would have benefitted from asking themselves that question. Of course, you do have to avoid the dangers of the self-fulfilling prophecy.


28 October 2008 07:49 PM

The things people do

One thing that never ceases to amaze us at Career Player is the awesome variety of weird and wonderful jobs in this world. So we've decided to pick a few of our favourites for everyone to marvel at.

Here's one from me, dedicated to all you extreme sports enthusiasts out there.


25 October 2008 02:18 PM

Welcome to the Career Player Blog

So, the blog is ready to go and here lies the inaugural post. Well readers or probably reader singular at this point (hi mum), the plan is to keep everyone informed about how things are developing at careerplayer.com as we prepare to launch.

We’ll try not get too introspective on you so expect much naval gazing about the online recruitment market in general, the state of careers advice, graduate attraction, launching a start-up, online video and just about anything that touches on what we’re up to. A slightly mixed bag but it'll hopefully keep things interesting...

22 October 2008 08:00 PM

Getting Started

We're just getting this little beauty off the ground, so if you've stumbled across us hang on in there...we'll be up and running in no time(ish)!

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